Over the last six years, IATA collaborated and amassed considerable inputs from travel industry stakeholders such as Airlines, Airline Passenger Service Systems, Travel Management Companies, Online Travel Agencies, Corporates, Global Distribution Systems on improving the NDC standard that was initially launched in September 2015 as version 15.2.

This has led to a more consistent, robust, and simplified standard schema that can be used across the industry stakeholders for their own business requirements and integrate with other stakeholders quickly and easily. Version 18.2 is stabilized on end-to-end distribution in travel industry (Air, Hotel, Car) process flow comprising of Shopping, Order, Modify the Order, Fulfillment and to deliver enhanced customer experiences.

How to access this version?

If you already have an ‘API key and secrete key’, the new APIs will be automatically loaded against your key for you to begin integrating. The new endpoints are available in the relevant technical documentation. In case of any challenges, simply contact the TPC Team via the Helpdesk to begin a short validation/certification process.

If you have not yet registered for access to the TPC Combined APIs, please send us an email to support@tpconnects.com

Your feedback is extremely important to us.
While you review, build and test the v18.2 APIs, you are welcome to provide your feedback to support@tpconnects.com. We will take note of them in enhancing the current 18.2 Schema, and upgrading to the next version.



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