The solution is built on IATA New Distribution Capability (NDC) Schema 18.2, with a rich set of functions and versatile integration capabilities. The gateway system allows direct linking between the client application and contents provided by the Airlines, GDS, and Aggregator for real-time availability, fully automated booking, and ticketing process. We are working on adding more suppliers. Keep watching our release notes updated by the technical support team.

Direct API connection to nearly 290 Airlines of the world for Air content is challenging to implement and maintain due to the complexity of proprietary system requirements. The TPConnects Combined API is designed to resolve this challenge faced by Travel Agents, Online Travel Agents, and other travel service providers(Travel Partners). It enables Travel Partners to connect directly and easily access the Air Content from Airlines – Low-Cost Carriers (LCC), Full-Service Carriers (FSC), traditional Global Distribution Systems (GDS), and the new generation NDC Aggregators around the world.

Detailed specifications of all NDC 18.2 JSON and XML requests, guidelines, and further information are available in the following sections.

Use it to create something wonderful, efficient, and in the most economical way.

Advantages of using TPC API

  • Our API provides more information related to integration with multiple air platform.
  • API also supports rich content, media, and other additional info provided by the suppliers to ultimate consumers for a better shopping experience
  • Quick Response using Progressive & Eager loading technology.


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