1. Retail Travel Agencies
Brick and Mortar travel agencies for walk-in customers can use the front end GUI reservation and ticketing system provided by TPConnects, start, and carry on their Travel Agencies’ business quickly and easily. The same API will power the agency’s website with a booking engine seamlessly.

2. Consolidator
Retail Travel Agencies over the period expand their market share and turn out to be Consolidators. Based on their market share, Consolidators negotiate with the airlines for special deals, fares, incentives, and so on, and then distribute in the market to the freelancers, small agencies, sub-agents, and other retail players. The combined API of TPC can support this Consolidator model to redistribute the deals they secured from airlines to their sub-agents.

3. Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)
Online travel agencies usually have multiple API connections with the airlines and other content suppliers. They integrate all these proprietary APIs and update as and when changes occur in those APIs, into their own customer/user interface. The combined API of TPConnects avoids all those challenges.

4. Travel Management Companies (TMCs)
Travel Management Companies provide travel solutions to their Corporate Customers. Usually, they don’t focus on walk-in customers or B2C websites. Travel may be limited to business travel of the corporate or leisure travel as well. Usually, big corporates get into global deals with the airlines and tie up the TMCs to manage and service their travel requirements. Big TMCs have developed their own reservation/UI portal powered by GDSs or Airline links. TPC combined API will simplify the process of linking with multiple airline direct contents.

5. Travel Management Systems (TMSs)
Travel Management Systems focus more on managing the travel of any entity. Travel eligibility validation, approval, travel cost management, back-end cost reporting for entities are their focus. Using the airline’s direct contents, they apply the business rules and provide travel options to the entity. Travel options are usually fulfilled by the airline concerned by redirecting the request to airline websites, NDC platforms, or call centers. Using the combined API of TPC will enable the TMSs to enhance the available options to their customers and include fulfillment features as well.

6. Corporates for their Online Booking Engines
Companies with their own intranet can plug in the combined API for staff travellers as a self-booking process as a simple white label solution. Thus, companies that look after employee benefits can provide additional benefits to their employees. It can also manage the company business travel as well.

7. Tour Operators
Tour Operators are another prime segment in the travel industry providing inbound and /or outbound tours to tourist, religious destinations in Groups, after obtaining the flight contents from airlines/GDSs. TPC combined APIs assist them to get better content from all the airlines including LCCs.

8. Aggregators
Aggregators are the new generation GDSs, working in the travel industry using the flexibility of IATA NDC standards. Instead of implementing direct links with each service provider, which is time-consuming, TPC combined API is a quick and efficient solution.

9. Metasearch Engines
Metasearch engines are online search engines that search the web data and give the results to a web consumer. With huge web data, metasearch engines are now developed industry/content-specific search engines to provide quick responses to users. Travel industry metasearch engines, provide the best travel itinerary to the users and on selection will refer the user to the web site of the airline, OTAs. The combined API of TPC is the right solution for these search engines, to provide good content in the fastest way.



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