Login to see the tickets allotted as per the subscription. The dashboard also lists the PNRs with a schedule change and Ticketing time limit. View and retrieve the bookings created on the platform through Order Management and perform after sales transactions like VOID, refund and reshop depending on the functionalities provided through the airline API. Various Reports can also be generated by accessing the report module

Remaining Tickets

Point of Sale

Agents can be added as a Point of Sale inorder to manage their markups, top up requests, suppliers, targets & create User profiles with role permissions.. Agents can be allowed to use their own airline credentials or the parent agent’s content. 

DMT ( Data Management Tool)

Allows you to configure your own supplier API credentials and give access of the content to a Point of Sale as required

User Role

Assign role permissions and create User Profiles to access the platform

Margin Manager

Allows the admin user to mark up the fares for a Point of Sale based on various criterias


Search, book, ticket, sell ancillaries, assign seats and perform after sales transactions as per the permissions provided through the airline API

Accounts & Transactions

Displays agent wise financial transactions, both credits and debits, reports can also be generated for the same. Sub agents can request for a top up and the IATA agent can top up the account as appropriate



Create an account instantly, subscribe and start selling flights.