How does one get access to the best content as a non-IATA travel agent?

Non-IATA agents or independent travel agents are those not accredited by the IATA. The IATA is viewed as one of the fundamental resources for travel agents as the majority of airline bookings are only accessed by IATA accredited travel agents. Non-IATA travel agents are impacting the travel business hugely, and they continue to increase throughout the years. Typically, a non-IATA travel agency works as a middlemen. They make money by adding up markup or service fees to the original charge by the IATA agent or the Airline itself.

The old is giving way to the new as modern and innovative systems are available for non-IATA and independent travel agents. Additionally, as the number of non-IATA agents increases globally, larger agencies, consolidators, and host agencies are pushing for non-IATA travel agents to be under their umbrella. Innovative travel solutions have enabled travel agents to build their businesses from scratch.

They leverage all the basics from operations, integrating ticket issuing systems, and access to flawless operational flow to increase productivity and profits online. The primary solution for non-IATA and independent agents with ample opportunities is

The is the best place for non –IATA agents to source accurate content. It allows them to search, compare, book/issue air tickets offer ancillary products, conduct after-sales services like refunds, reissues, cancelation, and more across all NDC airlines LCCs and Full-Service Carriers. Non-IATA travel agents can also make payments using their credit cards or an upfront deposit and top up to TPConnect Technologies (the parent company of

Furthermore, non-IATA travel agents can add as many users as desired and issue role permission. They can also send tickets by email; add the markup, services, and many more services. The is a flexible, simple, and efficient solution for a travel agency (ies) dealing in the business of air tickets without bothering about the IATA affiliations or changing the way they operate their business.

To get started, visit and follow the simple steps for an easy setup. If you experience any challenges during the process, please contact the support team at or chat via the chatbot on the website.

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